Perfect Sunset Curl

Perfect Sunset Curl

Pure energy

Pure energy

waves crashing over the rocks at Mavericks just outside of Half Moon Bay the day before Mavericks International ( MI was Friday Jan 24th) big wave riding contest. The waves when I got there were from 13′ up to 20′ ish on competition day they were reaching upwards of 40′ !
Grant ‘TWIGGY’ Baker from South Africa won. His 2nd big wave win!

Poseidon’s grasp

Poseidon's grasp

From the depths below
the surrounding deep
he has awakened
from his keep

a water world
from where fishes nap
he pulls you down
Poseidon’s grasp

Ahhh Sunset

A bird of a feather now sits in a glass yeah

A bird of a feather now sits in a glass yeah

Another of the ornaments I made…not sure I can let this one go….